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A Heritage Value

A riad is a typically Arab town-house usually built on two floors around a central open courtyard and with a flat roof terrace, located in the Medina (Old City).

The riads reflect the traditions of Moroccan domestic architecture which are inward-looking with thick blank walls to protect the inhabitants from heat, cold and the curiosity of the outside world.

Riad Atman is a stylish example of the recent transformation of the Medina which was originally a preserve of the locals. However, in the wake of Independence in 1956, the inhabitants of the Medina preferred to move to the Ville Nouvelle (New Quarters) outside the City Walls, built after 1913 to accommodate the French. The exodus left many riads empty and deteriorating. The first riads were restored in the 70's, however, it was not until the mid-nineties that a wave of expatriates brought new life to the Medina by buying and refurbishing a large number of the abandoned riads, now transformed into charming maison d'hotes (guesthouses).