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About Atman

RIAD ATMAN was completely renovated in 2008/9, preserving the original layout but blending a traditional Moroccan ambiance with a minimalist flavour, and also featuring objects collected by the Italian owner during her travels around the world. The riad is fully air-conditioned and it is also heated in winter.

The peaceful and cool courtyard which welcomes the visitors, makes a stark contrast with the noise and heat of the Medina's maze. Entering the riad is to experience a different world, leaving the chaos behind to be submerged in a serene oasis.

The name of the Riad was inspired by the Sanskrit (Atman = soul/true self) and the names of its four en-suite bedrooms, in spite of sounding like women's names, are also taken from oriental philosophies:

TURIYA in old Hindu philosophies represents the forth transcendental state  which is the state of pure consciousness that is beyond the other three normal mind states of sleep, dream and awareness.

SATTVA is the condition of purity, illumination and enlightening knowledge.

RAJAS represents energy, passion and expansiveness.

MAYA is the deity who creates and governs illusion and dreams in the Universe.